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How to Clean a Rubber Rub Rail

Bumping into dock pilings will eventually take a toll on your boat's rub rail, but it can look new again with a solvent and some light elbow grease.
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The Best Anchor

An anchor that sets quickly and reliably in a variety of situations and resists dragging no matter the conditions is one of the most important pieces of gear protecting you and your boat.
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The Best Handheld VHF

A reliable handheld marine VHF radio is handy when navigating through heavy traffic or bridges and invaluable in an emergency—especially with built in GPS and a DSC button.

“If a [failure] involving a fitted piece of gear onboard will dramatically alter a voyage, no matter how statistically improbable the [failure], there must to be a contingency in place to deal with it, or that piece of gear should not be fitted.”

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How to Prepare a Ditch Bag

A well-prepared boat should have a bag full of the necessities for survival—though we all hope we’ll never need it. If the time comes to abandon ship, a ditch bag is the first thing you’ll grab before stepping into a life raft.
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How to Service Winches

If sails are the primary engine of a sailboat, then winches are the transmission, and regularly servicing them will prolong their life and make sail trimming easier.
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How to Recommission Your Boat

A proper spring commissioning will help identify potential problems before they get worse or become a safety concern.
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The Best Roller Furling

Roller furling has become the status quo for headsails. Whether you are replacing one of the originals that is showing its age, or looking for convenience over hank-on sails, you'll find no shortage of good options with the latest generation of headsail furling systems.
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Our Favorite Maintenance Books

These essential books are still the most comprehensive resources available on boat maintenance, despite the growing number of YouTube videos and quality HOW-TOs available online.
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Our Favorite Sailing Stories

Get sucked into one of these tales of adventure, obsession, bravery, discovery, and tragedy at sea.
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How to Clean Rope

Clean dock lines, halyards, sheets, and other running rigging not only look better, washing ropes can make them easier to handle and extend their useful life.
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How to Lubricate Seacocks

Seacocks stiffen over time and will eventually seize up. Greasing them every year will ensure you can quickly close them to keep the water out when you absolutely need to.


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