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The Best Anchor

After comparing a wide-range of anchors, the Mantus is our pick for the best all-purpose anchor to keep on the bow roller ready to deploy.

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The Best Handheld VHF

After comparing features of the major contenders and sifting through online reviews, our pick is the Standard Horizon HX890.

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Preparing a Ditch Bag

As you begin to assemble your own ditch bag, the following categories and suggestions should help you think through the contents. Keep in mind that your needs may vary depending on where you’re cruising and distance from shore you plan to travel.

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Servicing Winches

Depending on use, winches should be serviced once or twice per year, although some weekend sailors stretch it to once every two to three years. They are easy and quick to service yourself; they require few or no tools, and can usually be completed in about 20 minutes per winch once you get the hang of it.

“Everyone that sails offshore is taking a risk, perhaps bigger than they think. It is a wilderness out there, no matter how connected you feel. You are on your own in an environment that is indifferent to your well-being, and you had better know how to take care of yourself, independent of energy and technology. If you insist on increasing your systems, do so for the sake of safety, comfort and convenience, in that order.”

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Commissioning Checklist

Is there anything more exciting in life than putting your boat back into the water? Whether your boat has been on the hard for the whole winter or just a quick haul out—there’s a lot to do to bring each system back into service. Use this checklist to think through re-launching your boat.

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The Best Roller Furling

After thoroughly researching the options, we think that the Seldén Furlex is the right roller furling system for most sailors.

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Essential Maintenance Books

Doing regular maintenance and repairs not only makes your boat more reliable and enjoyable, we believe that doing it yourself gives you the experience to fix it when things go wrong. Every mariner should know how to keep their boat afloat and moving forward.

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Stories We Love

Take a break from working on your boat and check out one these loved narratives about life at sea.

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Cleaning Rope

Dirt and salt bury into the fibers of rope, causing fatigue and ultimately shortening their lifespan. But before you replace those crusty, dirty, stinky lines, try washing them!

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Lubricating Seacocks

This seacock lubrication tip from morganscloud.com makes it incredibly easy to grease all your seacocks in just a few minutes when your boat is hauled out of the water.


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