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How to Lubricate Seacocks

Seacocks stiffen over time and will eventually seize up. Greasing them every year will ensure you can quickly close them to keep the water out when you absolutely need to.

This seacock lubrication tip from makes it incredibly easy to grease all your seacocks in just a few minutes when your boat is hauled out of the water.

  1. Close all seacocks
  2. From the outside of the boat, go to each thru-hull and paint the exposed surface of the ball valve with grease.
  3. Open and close the seacocks multiple times, ensuring to turn them as far in each direction as possible.

A calcium-based grease is strongly recommended.


Seacocks should be completely dissembled and cleaned every 3 years or so, but keeping them greased every year is easy and will ensure they continue to move freely.

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